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The British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered with the Charity Commission and with Companies House. Members are drawn from a number of the health care professions, particularly medicine, nursing and paramedicine, as well as others who work or volunteer within pre-hospital care. Some have been members since our inception in 1977 and many have been long term members. Contrary to popular opinion, not all of our members are immediate care responders in a affiliated scheme. 

In 1947 Dr Ken Easton became a GP in Catterick, Yorkshire. As he had an interest in trauma he was frequently called to accidents on his local stretch of the A1 many of which were serious. In addition the area was quite rural and miles from the nearest hospital. 

He realised that there was a role for trained medical practitioners at the scene of serious road accidents and in 1967 Dr Easton’s work developed into the first true Immediate Care Scheme. At that time there were a number of schemes around the country but there was little co-ordination. Finally in 1977 after a meeting at the Middlesex Hospital BASICS was born. Initially BASICS was funded by the government but now has to be self supporting and relies on donations as a charity. 

There are currently over 1,000 doctors, nurses and paramedics who are responding members, along with non-responding members who support the daily running of each charity scheme. In the last 3 years, BASICS has undergone a complete reorganisation and updating to enhance its role as the premier provider and training organisation in prehospital care. It offers the entry-level PHEC course designed to teach new providers the essentials of safe, effective prehospital care and the premier course for the experienced provider preparing for the Diploma in Immediate Care, the completely rewritten ICC, or Immediate Care Course. As well as adopting the beautiful and elegant new logo, the Association is phasing out the term BASICS in favour of The British Association for Immediate Care, or simply The Association. Please visit the new and updated  British Association for Immediate Care website for more details.