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The British Association For Immediate Care

In 1947 Dr Ken Easton became a GP in Catterick, Yorkshire. As he had an interest in trauma he was frequently called to accidents on his local stretch of the A1 many of which were serious. In addition the area was quite rural and miles from the nearest hospital. He realised that there was a role for trained medical practitioners at the scene of serious road accidents and in 1967 Dr Easton’s work developed into the first true Immediate Care Scheme.

At that time there were a number of schemes around the country but there was little co-ordination. Finally in 1977 after a meeting at the Middlesex Hospital BASICS was born. Initially BASICS was funded by the government but now has to be self supporting and relies on donations as a charity.

There are currently some 2,300 doctors who are BASICS members. Some schemes are hospital based such as the South Manchester Accident Response Team (SMART) and those from the Birmingham Accident Hospital and the Hammersmith Hospital London. Others are GP based ranging from a handful to over a hundred members each.

Please visit the BASICS internet site for more details

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