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Funding of SIMCAS

Our medical equipment is very expensive. This is partly due to the fact that there is a relatively small market but also because there has to be absolute reliability built in to any piece of kit that we use. Additionally, use “in the field” means that items that we need should be able to withstand the elements, including wind, rain and be able to be used at night as well as the general physical abuse which comes with emergencies: ie items being dropped and trodden on!

As a rough guide, it takes some £10,000 to get a fully kitted up doctor on the road. This includes the fitting of radio communications, supply of pager, provision of protective clothing as well as the basic medical items. This excludes any extended items such as a defibrillator (for heart attacks) which cost upwards of £3,500 each.

Further ongoing costs are needed for maintenance of items which need servicing and replacing old kit. Pagers need a monthly fee for continued connection.

Financing for this comes almost totally from donations from the community. Although we have asked frequently, the NHS feels it is unable to support us financially in our training and equipment.

We therefore rely on you in the community to help us continue with our much needed activities.

As in every year, we are indebted to all those people who have made donations of all sizes over the past 12 months. Without you all we simply couldn’t carry on.

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