Team Training Day

Another huge milestone for South East Coast Immediate Medical Care Scheme!

Almost half of our entire responding membership came together on Saturday 2nd October at Platinum Ambulance Service’s base for our first training day of the new era. We had updates on equipment from Kevin and Tim, stepwise airway management with Adam, modern management of traumatic cardiac arrest using the HOTT trauma algorithm from Gerry, and a brilliant sociable lunch provided by Tim. We also reviewed the options for uniform and Personal Protective Equipment with some excellent samples.

Outdoor training had to be held over as the weather was beyond atrocious but it will feature shortly so we can drill Road Traffic Collisions, Major Trauma and other incidents in austere, pre-hospital environments.

A big thank you to Adam, Gerry, and Kevin for such a great start and a special thank you to Tim and Platinum Ambulance Service for hosting us. We’ll be doing it again very soon. The future is looking very bright for SIMCAS and its members!

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