Regular training continues for the SIMCAS clinicians to maintain and enhance their very high standards of patient care. The most recent training day took place in May 2022 introducing two new features.

SIMCAS clinicians are volunteers and choose to give their own valuable time to SIMCAS when not working in their own clinical environments. It is therefore essential that SIMCAS takes all opportunities to ensure that clinicians can access the best possible training at all times. We therefore have now introduced live streaming of all our training so that members can pick up and leave the training as suits them around their own shifts to help foster a healthy work-life balance.

Furthermore, all our presentations are now recorded and made available on our own servers so that members are in a position to access the training at any time.

After introductions and a quick service update by our Chairman, this training day covered interagency working, with a well-received talk on the JESIP principles and an exercise on putting these into action at a major incident from one of the U.K.’s leading experts on interagency working who just happens to be a SIMCAS member.

A further session on paediatric trauma was, quite remarkably, given by our SIMCAS director of clinical education while travelling on a train! Frequent announcements of the train’s progress did nothing to detract from the great quality of her presentation.

SIMCAS is very grateful to everyone who is involved in putting these training days together and giving their expertise and also to Platinum ambulance who kindly loaned us our their own training facilities for the day.