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Elderly woman seriously injured after collision with lorry

An elderly woman was seriously injured after colliding with a lorry today near Five Ashes, Heathfield, East Sussex.

At about 12pm today an 83 year old woman driving a Toyota Aygo collided with a lorry the junction of the A267 and the A272 just south of Five Ashes in East Sussex. She was treated by a medical team consisting of Dr Alan Pearce from the emergency medical charity SIMCAS, alongside the crew of the Sussex Air Ambulance and members of South East Coast Ambulance service.

She sustained severe head injuries and required a general anaesthetic at the roadside. The Sussex Air Ambulance took her by helicopter to the Major Trauma Centre at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel which has a specialist head injury team. The driver of the lorry was also taken to hospital (by road). Dr Pearce, a local GP, said “Different skills of the within the medical team came together well to deliver very high standards of care and to ensure that she got the best chance of recovery”.

The A276 was completely closed for police investigations.

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