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Fatal head-on collision near Birdham, West Sussex

A woman was killed and three men were injured after a head-on collision near Birdham, West Sussex today.

Emergency services were called to the B2198 between Somerley and Birdham, near Chichester, West Sussex at about half past four this afternoon. A white Ford Sierra and a white VW van had collided head-on at a sharp bend in the road. The woman passenger was trapped and was dragged from the car by passers by, including a nurse and a retired surgeon, who gave first aid at the incident.

SECAMB paramedics were assisted by Doctor Neil Iosson from SIMCAS who performed emergency chest surgery at the side of the road. The woman’s injuries were too severe and she was declared dead at the scene. The air ambulance had also been called but was unable to attend because of the weather.

The driver of the car was also seriously injured and the two men in the van were taken to hospital for further observation.

SIMCAS volunteer doctor Neil Iosson said ‚ÄúThis was a very nasty accident and we worked as a team in difficult conditions to provide the best possible treatment for everyone involved. We think the car driver may have been taken ill at the wheel.”

The road was closed by the police for further accident investigations.

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