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Four injured, one critical after Littlehampton car crash

Four young men in their twenties were injured (one critically) after their Nissan Micra hit a tree in Littlehampton, West Sussex yesterday evening.

Emergency services were called to Ferry Lane, Littlehampton at 8pm last night (Tuesday 15th June 2010) after a car collided with a tree. Dr John Chatterjee, who is a volunteer with SIMCAS – the South Coast Immediate Care Scheme – was dispatched to assist the ambulance and fire services.

When he arrived at the scene of the impact he found one man, in his mi- twenties, had suffered severe head and chest injuries. Dr Chatterjee administered a general anaesthetic at the side of the road and performed emergency chest surgery. SIMCAS doctors are trained to provide a range of highly specialised treatments for critically ill patients.

The local air ambulance helicopters were unavailable so the Port Solent Coastguard helicopter assisted, transporting the critically injured man and Dr Chatterjee to Southampton General Hospital for further treatment. The three other injured men had less serious injuries and were taken to Worthing Hospital by road ambulance.

“The patient was very seriously injured and after the chest surgery it was crucial he got to a specialist trauma hospital as soon as possible. I was very pleased that the Coastguard were able to get us quickly to Southampton.” said Dr Chatterjee afterwards. “At SIMCAS we train hard to treat these sorts of injuries and it can sometimes make the difference between life and death.”

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