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Hit and Run in Tunbridge Wells

A man in his 50’s was seriously injured following a hit and run whilst he was crossing Sandhurst Road at the pedestrian crossing near the junction with Ferndale Rd just after 8pm on Friday night (3/1-2014). Passers by including an off duty firefighter immediately provided first aid until the arrival of a SECAmb Emergency Care Practitioner(ECP). Also called to attend was SIMCAS Nurse Tony Kemp who arrived to find the victim had serious face and leg injuries. Working with the first Aiders and the SECAmb ECP Tony treated the man in a heavy down pour of rain. Other by standers provided cover from the elements through umbrellas fetched from cars that had stopped.
After emergency treatment the man was taken to the Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury under Tony’s care and into the hands of a specialist trauma team. Police forensic officers attended the scene and are hopeful of identifying the offending driver through debris left at the scene from the fleeing van.
Tony said ‘this was an appalling accident with the man receiving serious injuries. The wonderful response of local bystanders and passers by in trying to help the man and protect him and us from the weather was much appreciated.’

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