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Motorcycle Crash, Tunbridge Wells Town Centre

 A motorcyclist skidded in the centre of Tunbridge Wells losing control of his bike which collided with a lamp-post, thankfully the rider had been ejected before that but he collided with the kerb and ended up on the pavement. The late evening accident occurred on the 16th November and the unconscious rider was initially cared for by passers by and a first aid trained member of staff from the near-by Hotel duVin. Volunteer SIMCAS nurse Tony Kemp was called by the ambulance service to attend and was the first emergency response resource to arrive on scene.
Initially unconscious, the male in his late 30’s recovered consciousness and in addition to his head injury he had suffered serious internal injuries. Tony said “The first aiders and passers by were fantastic and did exactly the right things – keeping him still and keeping his airway open.” Due to the serious nature of his injuries the air ambulance team also attended and working with the ambulance crew and Tony the patient was transported to the emergency department at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury.


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