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Pedestrian hit by train in Rye, East Sussex

A 56-year-old pedestrian was hit by a train at 08:57 on Thursday, 6 May in Rye, East Sussex. She was critically injured after being hit by the Ashford Hastings train, close to Rye railway station. The pedestrian crossing has no automatic barriers.

SIMCAS Dr Ben Chishick, the first medical responder on scene, worked together with an off duty paramedic to resuscitate the woman, who had severe leg injuries. South-east coast ambulance and the Surrey Air Ambulance transported the patient by air to Kings College Hospital, London.

Dr Chishick, who is also a GP at Rye Medical Centre said “she had sustained massive injuries and was bleeding severely. Only the excellent teamwork of the doctors and paramedics on the ground and the medical team from Surrey air ambulance meant that she was able to reach specialist surgeons in London.”

British transport police investigators attended the scene and the rail line was closed for two hours.

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