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Seven people injured in three-car collision

Seven people were injured with two left in a critical condition after a collision between three cars near Chichester, West Sussex last night.

A Subaru Impreza collided with an Audi on a bend in the B2178 Old Broyle Road, near Chichester, causing a small engine fire. Emergency services were first called to the scene just after 22:20. Of the five occupants of the Subaru, two men were critically injured with head and chest injuries and the other three were seriously injured.

A SIMCAS doctor and six ambulances from SECAMB and South Coast Ambulance were required along with West Sussex Fire and Rescue and Sussex Police to manage the incident. The most seriously injured patients received emergency treatment on scene before being transported to St Richard’s Hospital Chichester. The other victims were taken to St Richard’s or Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.

SIMCAS doctor Neil Iosson said “This was one of the worst crashes I have attended in some time. Several people were extremely seriously injured in this collision and it is thanks to the immense teamwork by all the emergency services that we were able to get them all treated and transported to hospital rapidly.”

The five men and two women involved – all thought to be in their twenties or thirties – remain in hospital at this time (00:30) and two are critically ill. The B2178 remains closed for police collision investigations.

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