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Two Kent crashes in one day

SIMCAS volunteer nurse Tony Kemp from Tunbridge Wells was called to two serious road incidents on Sunday 16th March. During the mid-morning he was called to Ide Hill near Four Elms in the Weald of Kent when a 69-year old motorcyclist collided with a car receiving serious injuries from which he later died. Working with the Kent, Surrey and Sussex HEMS team Tony worked to stabilise the rider named today as Philip Cooper from Rainham.

A motorcycle enthusiast, he had joined a number of other motorcyclists for a ride through the Kent countryside. Following the collision some of the riders provided first aid, Tony said afterwards ‘the actions of Mr Cooper’s fellow riders were absolutely crucial in the first phases of caring for him in the minutes following the accident’. Following an anaesthetic at the roadside Mr Cooper was flown to a London Hospital by helicopter, which had landed in a field immediately next to the scene of the crash. Unfortunately despite all efforts Mr Cooper died later in the day in hospital.

Later that day during mid-evening Tony was again called to help at a road crash just outside Frant where a car had lost control and collided with a van. Locals came out to assist whilst waiting for the emergency services including a lady trained in first aid and two doctors who work as general practitioners in the area.

Three people received injuries; two were very seriously injured whilst the third received minor injuries. Tony working with an ambulance crew and using the bystanders stabilised the two seriously injured casualties and then working with paramedics managed the extrication of the driver from his vehicle whilst the HEMS team who had arrived by car took over the care of the female passenger.

Tony said ‘the various bystanders and the fire service were invaluable in managing this complex scene. It was obvious from the outset that two of the casualties were very seriously injured and without the cooperation of all involved the outcome would have been very different.’

After initial care at the scene both patients were transferred by ambulance to a London Hospital where they remain very unwell.

SIMCAS is the voluntary medical charity that provides specially trained doctors and nurses to assist the South East Coast Ambulance Service. Tony is a nurse and vice chairman of the British Association for Immediate Care the parent charity to which SIMCS (South East Coast Immediate Care Scheme) is affiliated.

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