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Woman survives falling 40 feet in Eastbourne, East Sussex

A woman survived falling 40 feet in Eastbourne, East Sussex today.

Rescue services were called just after midday when a woman was seen to fall from a window at Westdown House, a 7-storey block of flats in Harrington Place, Eastbourne.

She fell 40 ft and landed on a raised flat roof and sustained critical head and leg injuries. She was treated by paramedics from South East Coast Ambulance Service and Dr Alan Pearce, a member of the local immediate medical care service, SIMCAS.

Dr Pearce and the ambulance team stabilised her injuries and gave her emergency treatment before placing her into a cradle which was lowered to the ground by a team form the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

The Air Ambulance attended but was unable to fly her out due to poor weather conditions and she was taken by ambulance to Eastbourne District general Hospital.

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